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A leading company in Spain and a reference point for its European expansion in mobility (lifts, walkways, stairs, etc.)

The client describes their requirement

Drawing up the annual report in hard copy form and on computer.

The solution we offer

Editing the digital version of the report on a USB with our own design. Making this item interactive and including videos, links, etc. At the same time, a traditional offline version was also created, using the most rigorous cutting-edge printing technology (stochastic plate).

This is the result

Our digital publishing platform enabled two aspects to be produced: the annual report and a digital multilingual corporate catalogue. All of this was done through a single mediator, providing added value to the client’s original design.
After working with us on the innovative presentation of their 2009 annual report, Orona asked us to work on the 2010 report, with equally satisfactory results.

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