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Spain’s leading power company.

The client describes their requirement

Sending personalised offline and online offers to its customers, later backed up by personalised attention.

The solution we offer

On the basis of the files and databases supplied by the client, we counselled them and produced all types of hard-copy communication items, which we then customised, in black and white and colour, with different finishes e.g. pasting a candle onto a brochure or two balloons or a post-it, managing the sending feasibility, costs, etc. with the postal service operator. We performed e-mailing via the online channel and processed the responses to the order procurement campaigns.

This is the result

Cost savings due to the counselling and comprehensive campaign management. Reliability and effectiveness as there was one single mediator for all the processes, from the creative services to taking the material to the postal service operator.
Iberdrola, Spain’s leading power company, has assigned Mccgraphics the production of its graphic communication items since the 1980s. We are currently the Marketing Department’s reference provider and have won their direct marketing production competition for the last two years running.

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