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The client describes their requirement

Printing and distributing Peugeot’s commercial and industrial vehicle catalogues throughout Europe. The commitment of Gutenberg Networks with the PSA Group was to maintain this construction company’s habitual quality and lead time standards while reducing their printed product expenses.

The solution we offer

1/A work flow was proposed whereby the files were sent and validated online, improving both costs and lead times with respect to them being sent in hard copy form. The colour proofing system sent by the end customer was also validated, given their rigorous requirements.
2/We proposed creating the post of a French-speaking coordinator to deal with the entire process. This mediator would standardise all the negotiations between MccGraphics and Gutenberg-Networks: budgeting, prepress, printing, availability, stock control and invoicing. As a result, Gutenberg’s Peugeot project manager received mirror information providing him with an all-round view of how business was progressing.
3/All aspects of the production process were quantified in terms of cost and productivity: varnish types, types of printing raster, paper formats and optimisation of logistics aspects. This was a relevant aspect in the discussions between Gutenberg-Networks and the PSA Group.

This is the result

As a result, at least 4 improvement proposals were made regarding quality, cost or response time: paper, packaging, varnishes, transport flows. The estimated savings for the PSA Group were 2%.
After a few months of collaboration, Gutenberg Networks’ PSA project manager also assigned us the CITROEN programme. We have also been assigned orders or programmes by other Gutenberg project managers.

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