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A leading publishing company in South-West France for free weekly magazines with the French TV listings.

The client describes their requirement


All CAMELEON’s corporate stationery contains the phrase ""Le respect du délai est la base de notre accord.""
And this is effectively the case: CAMELEON has to distribute the publications every Monday in different departments in the South of France, and has only a very short time to do so as the content of the magazine is only made available the previous Thursday. It is simply unthinkable for the publications to come out early or late. We therefore had to guarantee production and distribution of the magazines WITHOUT FAIL in the space of three days, including a weekend.


The solution we offer


After a detailed study and issue planning definition 6 months in advance, MCCGRAPHICS designed a flow computer application for CAMELEON for file transfer, processing and validation, allowing printing of the magazines to start just a few hours after receipt of the information at the client’s premises.
It was also necessary to provide for alternative production resources (prepress, printing and binding) to cover any breakdown contingencies or exceptional circumstances, so that the issue of the magazines would NEVER be delayed. MCCGRAPHICS therefore provided for full alternative production equipment as part of its fleet of machines: a back-up rotary press, a back-up platesetter and a complementary binding unit.


This is the result

Despite the fact that the magazines are produced and delivered in such a short space of time, they have always come out right on time without a single exception in all the time MCCGRAPHICS and CAMELEON have worked together.

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