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Europe’s third largest bank.

The client describes their requirement

We had to produce printed posters for display at all the branches, on their display stands at the start of each campaign or throughout the campaigns. 48 h from creation of the initial files to the posters being available at the branches. Stock management and control.

The solution we offer

Online management of files and prepress proofs to speed up the process, printing, poster stocking, customised presentation for sending them to the branches including layout, software for stock control and order follow-up. Orders handled, customised and sent anywhere in Spain within 24 hours of request.

This is the result

The campaign management was quicker and better suited to the amounts to be produced, which meant cost savings.
BBVA, one of Spain’s two major banks and one of the most important in the world, has trusted in us to provide for its graphic communication needs since the 1990s. We are currently involved in new direct marketing and graphic production projects.

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