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Digital services

Digital asset management (DAM)

  • There has recently been
    a huge increase in
    the number of digital
    assets (documents, images,
    maps, videos, etc.)
    that companies need
    to manage, share
    and use in their marketing


How does it work?

  • We offer you a totally customisable solution for storing and managing all your digital content: photos, texts, videos, maps, price lists, etc. .All the information will be centralised and just a click away from anywhere in the world. You’ll avoid unnecessary duplication and problems with different versions, locations and sources of information.
  • Productivity solution. When your digital assets are on the platform we develop for you, editing communication items is a very simple process and can even be done automatically. Your e-commerce solution will always be updated as regards products, but you can also generate printed catalogues, electronic communications or even make your own exclusive TV channel available to customers.

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